Wednesday, December 28, 2016

How to cure migraines

Whenever there's a big meeting at the office, especially if it involves top level management, there's a 100% guarantee that there'll be late nights at the office.

In my case, whenever that happens, those late nights would always followed by migraines. One side of the my head would throb like nobody's business.

During my university days, Im cured of my headaches by just sleeping on it. I'd feel better the next day. But during those late nights working at the office, the headaches that comes does not go away that easily. Most of the time I had to resort to painkillers.

Everybody knows that painkillers are bad. Relying too much on painkillers allows your body to learn to adapt to the painkiller. By the time your body has adapted to the usual painkillers, you'd need a stronger painkiller to relieve your headaches. And this cycle continues. Sooner or later, you might find yourself in a stage where there is no more painkillers to relieve you of your pain. What would you do then?

My advise is, please dont take the painkillers in the first place. Rather than tricking yourself into thinking that you are well after taking the painkillers, why not we attack the source of your headaches straightaway, hence, killing it at its the source. 

Of course, migraines sometimes caused by triggers that you can control, such as sudden physical exertion and changes in sleeping pattern. But biologically, headaches, including migraines occur from vitamin deficiencies. 

These are the vitamins that if insufficient, will increase the likelihood of headaches and migraines.

  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Magnesium

While headache or migraine triggers are easier to avoid as it is mostly something tangible, it is more difficult to ensure that you have the proper vitamins needed to avoid an attack. You'd need to know which food contains what nutrients. Once you know, you need to make sure that you have a good dose of the nutrients, everyday.

Honestly for me, that is a difficult task to do. Being a working mother, sometimes you need something quick and simple to get you through the day. The luxury of grocery shopping and cooking healthier food sometimes can be challenging while having 2 kids needing your attention at the same time.

My solution and my proposal to you is, take supplements. My choice is of course, Shaklee supplements.

While the vitamins needed to avoid headaches seems like a lot, Shaklee has come up with only two types of supplements for you to get your complete dose of vitamin B2, B6, B12, D and magnesium.

The first, is B-complex.

Shaklee prides itself upon providing a complete set of all 8 B-vitamins that a body needs. Most vitamin B supplements offer by other brands may lack one or two B-vitamins but all 8 is needed at one time to enable them to work better. 

Known as a happy vitamin, B-complex also prevents anemia by helping with the production of red blood cells, gives you energy, boost your antibody and helps the production of healthy hair and nails. 

As for the remaining vitamin D and magnesium, Shaklee has made it so that you can get both from one type of supplement only i.e. Ostematrix

Ostematrix is made up of mostly calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. Combining all three, not only you get a migraine reliever, Ostematrix can also relieve period pain, cramps and the oh so popular benefits of having sufficient calcium, strong bones.

So guys, the next time you're having your headaches, please consider taking someting made of natural resources to relieve you of your pain. Earth's sources are always better than chemicals. 

Do contact me if you need some of Shaklee's B-complex and Ostematrix to get rid of your headaches!

Yours truly,

Ili Syazana
Shaklee Distributor in USJ, Subang Jaya
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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

How to lose weight and maintain it with Shaklee's supplements

For those of you who do not really like to exercise but want to lose weight, I have some good news.

Did you know that your food intake determines 80% of your chances at losing weight while exercise or any physical activities contributes only 20%?

Not saying that you don't have to do any physical activities at all, but by paying attention to what you consume would have more effect than just exercise.

One may ask, if it sounds so easy, then why are there people who still have a hard time to lose an inch of their body despite cutting down on food intake? And why are there people who so easily gained back all the weight they've lost after their dieting regime?

The answer, most likely than not, is because they did not lose weight the right way and thus, are not able to maintain the weight loss.

So how do we make sure that we lose weight the right way? How do we ensure that we wont gain back all the weights lost?

The answer relies on supplements. Additional supplements are a great help to ensure that you lose weight the healthier and faster way while at the same time, helps you to stay at your new weight without worry about gaining back the weight that you've lost. 

So here's where Shaklee comes in. By combining the uses of a few of Shaklee's supplements, you'll be able to burn the fats accumulated in your body, flush out the toxins and build your body in preparation for proper nutrients absorption. 

Lets go deeper into the uses of each of the supplements.

Stage 1: Burn 

OmegaGuard will find all the fats thats been sitting comfy in your body, increase your metabolism rate and burn them fats. At the same time, OmegaGuard makes you feel full, so you wont be feeling hungry for food as often, thus help you to reduce food intake.

The International journal of obesity have also said that if you take omega 3 fish oil (which is highly available in OmegaGuard) and exercise at the same time, you'd be able to increase the amount of calories burnt by 26% instead of just exercising.

Lecithin on the other hand will burn the fats from the food that you eat daily. They burn the new fats from your daily meal before those fats get to be comfortable in your body.

Stage 2: Detox

Similar to OmegaGuard, Alfalfa will go to all corners of your body. This time, it is to flush out all the unhealthy and definitely unnecessary toxins. Talk about total body cleanse.

On top of Alfalfa, Herb-lax is what you consume to clean your intestines. Being the last stage for nutrients absorption, your intestines need to be clean and healthy in order to absorb the proper nutrients that you need rather than flushing them all out.

Especially while you are on diet, the food that you eat are normally in little amount but high in protein. If your intestines cannot absorb the proteins, then there is no use taking them in the first place. More dangerously, it could reduce your metabolism rate thus making it harder for your body to burn the fats.

Stage 3: Build

ESP stands for Energizing Soy Protein. As you would've guessed, it is soy based and Shaklee prides itself with its soy being non-genetically modified. 

Cinch drink is made specifically for those who wants to lose weight. It has three different flavours to choose from, vanilla, chocolate and cafe latte.

Both ESP and Cinch will provide you with all the proper proteins you need and helps to increase your metabolism rate to burn the fats.

Additionally, the right amount of proteins are important so that you can maintain your muscle mass. If you do not care about your muscle mass, you'll definitely lose weight faster but the consequence is that it'll be so much easier for you to gain back the weight you've lost or you will maintain being slimmer but you'll get tired very easily. Hence, we must maintain good muscle mass.

Both of them are good as meal replacement as they have been structured in a way that it will give you the same calories that you'll get if you eat a normal main meal. So ESP or Cinch to replace breakfast or lunch is safe. 

While Cinch maintains muscle mass more efficiently and lets you lose weight without the excess flabby skin, ESP has a lot of other uses apart from helping you to lose weight. You can have glowing skin with ESP.

Of course, it goes without saying that if you want to lose weight, there are some general tips and tricks that you need to abide. Below are a few examples.

1) You need to drink lots and lots of water. Definitely helps to detox and allows optimum nutrients absorption.

2) Caffeine has to kept to a minimum as it is the one that will block your body from absorbing the nutrients you need from your food and supplements.

3) Do not skip a meal. Skipping a meal confuses your body. It will think that you'll get lesser fat from your daily food intake it will try harder to keep the fats in your body.

I think Ive said too much for a post already. If you're interested and want to know more, just give me a call or a message. I'm more than happy to help! =D

Yours truly,

Ili Syazana
010 - 366 3173
Shaklee distributor in USJ, Subang Jaya

Thursday, December 8, 2016

The best Shaklee Distributor you need

There are various types of agents that you meet in your course of life: an insurance agent, trust funds agents, housing loan agents and so on.

As for me, although my post is not called an 'agent' per se, I am a Shaklee Distributor who is willing to help you achieve what you want out of Shaklee.

Why Shaklee?

To put it simply, it's because Shaklee works. From experience, Shaklee has proven me that consuming supplements offered by Shaklee will show result if taken properly. I have benefitted from Shaklee and I want the people around me (including you) to benefit too. I believe that there's unlimited amount of goodness to be shared.

Why me as your Shaklee Distributor?

I'll give you facts - scientific facts if possible, rather than just 'this is good for you' recommendations.

If I ever come across something that I'm not sure of, I will research about it and provide you with the most relevant information possible.

Last but not least, I want to help. I can be your friend that will advice you on what you need according the situation you are facing, if you want me to. I've been known to friends as their go-to person and I can be your go-to person too.

Even if you're just slightly interested to know more about what Shaklee can offer, give me call or a text. We can take it from there.

Ili Syazana
The best Shaklee Distributor you need