Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Vitamins to get back your period cycle

There are many reasons why your period may come at irregular times. Most cases its because of obesity, hormonal imbalance and stress.

And most of the time, the reason why you have all the above is because of your lifestyle. Maybe you lack exercise or maybe you've been living off of an unhealthy diet which causes parasites to 'hang around' in your body.

These parasites that stays in your body will take the nutrients from the food that you eat and this will cause other health and hormonal issues, which will then lead to irregular period. 

If you want your period to become regular again, these parasites need to be gone. 

How do you get rid of these parasites?

One way to do it (without taking hormonal pills) is by detoxing your body i.e. by changing your lifestyle and diet. 
a, You've got to be active. Possibly by going for a jog at least 30 minutes a day.
b, Avoid 4 food that invites parasites. These 4 are white sugar, white bread, any food that is based on white flour and caffeinated drinks such as tea and white coffee.
c, Get rid of the parasites by taking natural detoxing products - Shaklee's detoxing supplement, consistently.

For your information, any form of detoxing is the most natural way to eliminate parasites from your body. 

Shaklee's detox set
Shaklee's detox set comprises of 5 important detoxing vitamins.

If you keep being active, pay attention to your diet and consistently take the vitamins from Shaklee's detoxing set, in shaa Allah, you'll see the different in the upcoming month. 

It is definitely worth it.

1. Vivix helps to detox our cells. It helps by giving energy to our cells so that they are able to detox more effectively.

2. Peppermint Ginger helps us to let out unnecessary gas in our body thus accelerating the repairing process of our period cycle.

3. DTX complex detoxes our liver. Our liver needs to maintain strong and needs to be cleaned because it is the place where the body usually dispose of the toxins and parasites.

4. Herblax detoxes our intestines. Intestines is usually where the parasites would 'hang out' because this is where the nutrients from our food is absorbed. Hence the more parasites your have in your intestines, the less likely you'll get the nutrients from the food you eat. These parasites need to go.

5. Alfalfa Complex. Whats good about Alfalfa is that it will detox every other part of your body. If you have parasites hanging around somewhere that is not the usual place, Alfalfa will help you to detox them. 

How to get Shaklee's detox set to have your regular period cycle back? You can contact me directly at:
Ili Syazana
Shaklee Independent distributor

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Tips to have a calm soul

Did you know that one reason that could cause all that is because your body and your brain lacks nutrients?

Yes, its true. 

Read on and you'll see how these nutrients can help make you feel more at peace and calm. 

1. The B-vitamins 
Vitamin B such as acid folic builds new brain cells  and acts as a serotonin. 

Some short facts about serotonin:
- Serotonin is a chemical that carries the signals along and between your nerves. Your brain is one of the three organs that serotonin is mainly found in. 
- Serotonin transmit impulses between nerve cells, regulates cyclic body processes and contributes to wellbeing and happiness.
- Serotonin is regarded by some researchers as a chemical that is responsible for maintaining mood balance and a deficit of serotonin leads to depression.

2. Omega-3
Omega-3 makes up 18% of our brain weight. Hence, lack of Omega-3 in your brain can cause a huge impact to your mood, affects your ability to control stress and may also cause memory-loss.

A twenty-year study involving 3,317 men and women found that people with the highest consumption of EPA and DHA (found in Omega-3) were less likely to have mood challenges. 

3. Vitamin D
We usually hear that vitamin D is good for your bones, or for the optimal absorption of calcium. But actually, vitamin D is also very much needed by your brain to function well. 

It plays a critical role in cognitive functions, including learning and making memories. Those with lower vitamin D have exhibited slower information-processing speed. 

But when it comes to being happy, scientific evidence has shown that with higher levels of vitamin D, you would be more likely to feel happy rather than blue.  

4. Amino Acid
Insufficient amino acid can make someone temperamental, unable to control their feelings, lack motivation and depression. Period. 

So now comes the question, how do you ensure that you get enough of the above nutrients in your body? 

For those of you who have the time, you might want to look into your diet and make changes to your food intake so that you'll get the nutrients needed.

But if you're like me, who barely gets to shower for more than 10 minutes without being called or needed by your kids, I suggest you take supplements. 

Shaklee has the complete set of products that you need: 

There's B-complex which will get you all the B vitamins. 

There's OmegaGuard which gives you the among the best Omega-3 fish oil that you can get.

Shaklee has Ostematrix which will provide you with vitamin D. 

And last but not least, y
ou can take ESP (Energising Soy Protein) to get your complete amino acids.

At the end of the day, it is your choice whether you want to change the way you've been feeling. I applaud you though for reading up to this end because it shows you that you do want to change.

If you want to get your supplements from Shaklee, you can give me a call and I'll get you what you need.

Ili Syazana
Shaklee distributor
Credits to the following websites for some of the information presented in this entry:
- https://www.brainmdhealth.com/blog/vitamin-d-fish-oil-for-double-header-brain-and-mood-boost/
- https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/does-d-make-a-difference/
- http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/kc/serotonin-facts-232248
- Google - for the photo

New Shaklee's HQ

Shaklee has just recently moved to a new HQ with the aim to be more visible and friendly for newbies. 

It's at Sunway GEO (you can waze Sunway GEO) and it is located right at the corder of the building which makes everyone who reaches the crossroads near Sunway GEO can see Shaklee immediately. 

Among the new interesting feature of this new office is that you get to have a look at Shaklee's product which all this while you only hear or read on the internet.

If you're not yet a member and wishes to buy directly at Shaklee's HQ, you can register immediately there and then.

Just take whichever vitamins you want, put in your basket and pay at the counter. The same way you've been shopping for other things all these while. Just let them know that you want to become a member too at the counter.

Immediately you'll get your ID and you get to buy the vitamins you've chosen at member price.

Just one tiny thing that the counter staff need when you want to register is your upline/sponsor ID.

Can tell them you want to register under upline/sponsor ID 1143761, Ili Syazana Ahmad Hizzad. That's me!

Let's go visit Shaklee's new HQ today!

Ili Syazana

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Bonding activities with your kids before putting them to bed

We have a routine that we usually stick with. 

We normally reach home about 7.45pm at night on a weekday - on average. That, in truth, already limits the amount of time you get to spend with your kids since you still have to prepare dinner, eat, pray and what not before they have to go to bed.

Sometimes, it feels like most of the time that you do get to spend with them is just you taking care of them. Getting them to eat, getting them to shower, getting them to clean up their toys. 

What can we do then, to actually spend some time with our kids on a normal day-to-day basis and bond with them? We cant just parent them all the time. Spending some time with them helps with their development too.

So here's my take. This is what we normally do or hope to do with our little family:

1. When we eat, we eat together. Eating as a family build and strengthen your family bond. I kid you not. Living proof of those who do and do not eat together exists. I see them with my own eyes.

2. When they play, spend perhaps just 10-15 minutes and play with them. If you cant, at least ask your spouse to do so while you do the chores. The roles can be reversed on a different day.

3. The third one may be a controversial one to some.

It is a routine for us that my son gets to watch his cartoon after dinner. So we let him watch about 40 minutes worth of cartoons. He gets to choose from only a few types of cartoons that we allow i.e. only those that are age-appropriate for him.

Most of the time my husband would sit with him and watch the cartoon together. How we bond through this is by asking him to tell us about the story after that. What happened? Why he did that? Is it good or bad? What did you like about the episode? So on and so forth. From the questions, we talked, we get to understand what he actually understands, we get to know our son bit by bit too.

4. I'd love to have this activity before bed. But it is still work in progress.

I imagined that when the kids are in bed, we would be there to read them a bedtime story. Or better yet, create a whole new story together! Its fun and it helps your kids imagination grow too. That's what my father usually do for me and my sisters. I think thats why all four of us have wild imagination. 

5. Last but not least, we recite doa to go to sleep, together. At the end of the day, we should give thanks to God for the good that happened and learn from the bad.

Buuuuuutttttt.....there are days when this happened instead:
In my defense, we're only humans! Haha. 

Honestly though, we try our best to do spend time with our kids as much as possible.

The above list are the ones that we have made for ourselves. I'd love to hear your suggestions if you have any to share. Let me know at the comments below!

Products to get rid of acne

How I wish it is as simple as taking off a post-it note of pimples and acnes off your face. 

Pimples and acne has always been a sensitive issue. 

Especially for those with fair skin, it'd be so obvious if you have red spots all over your face. You are already so conscious of how you look, you really do not want to think about those new ones thats about to come out and itches all the time. 

But then, to try any new facial products can be quite a scary step. You may never know which one will actually ruin your skin.

It is quite understandable though for us to be extra cautious. There are lots of different products offered out there and we dont know how true is what they claim. For sure we dont want to have to suffer 3 to 6 months down the road just because we want a smooth and silky skin today.

So what then?

Allow me to suggest to you Shaklee's products that will get rid of your pimples and acne. (No, these are not facial products - its even better)

What's so different about Shaklee's product is that each and every ingredient used in making the products has gone through at least 350 filters of chemical pollution and other tests.

Shaklee has always proud themselves in offering products that are always clean, safe and effective.

So much so that even the doctors and scientists that has nothing to do with Shaklee has acknowledged the effectiveness of Shaklee's products. This is through the Landmark Study that was published internationally. 

So what are the products that you can take to get rid of your pimples and acnes? There are four main ones.

VIVIX has resveratrol that repairs the skin at the cellular level and helps neutralises toxins that causes pimples and acnes.

ALFALFA functions as a detoxing agent that cleanse your body from toxins that also causes pimples and acnes.

COLLAGEN reduces the size of your pores so that dirt from the air does not get easily trapped and mixes with your natural face oil that would lead to pimples and acnes.

VITAMIN C controls the creation of your natural face oil while at the same time balances your face's pH level.

Apart from the four mentioned above, I personally prefer to add Energising Soy Protein (ESP) as one of the products that helps maintain your skin health. ESP helps with the creation of healthy new cells (which by the way dies every other month).

If you want to buy or if you are interested to know more, do give me a call. It's your first step to having a better skin.

The name is Ili Syazana.
The number is 010-366 3173.

I can also sign you up immediately to become a member of Shaklee so that you can enjoy up to 20% discount on all products!

picture credit: http://www.stylecraze.com/articles/simple-remedies-for-treating-dry-skin-acne/#gref

Monday, May 8, 2017

How to find time to work on your side-business

Staying in Subang Jaya while working in Kuala Lumpur is definitely a challenge.

I spend approximately 1.5 - 2 hours a day just to travel to and from work.

My routine starts with waking up at 6am and get myself ready. By 6.30pm I have to start waking up my toddler (he takes a loooong time to actually open his eyes) and bring him downstairs by 7am.

In between persuading my son to take his bath, I'd take my breakfast and prepare his snack for when we are in the car.

Usually by 7.30am, we managed to leave the house and reach my son's kindy at 8.30am (One hour worth of jam!). Since he doesnt want to wear his school uniform from home, had to spend a few minutes at his kindy changing him into his uniform.

Park the car, run to my office to clock in at 9am.

By 6.15pm, I'll clock out, pick up my son, my husband and we began our journey back home at about 7pm. Usually we arrive home at 7.45pm, on average. Then we pray Maghrib and have dinner. 

By 9pm I'll take my shower while my son enjoys some cartoon for a bit. By 10am, I'd have to put him to bed. I'm lucky if I'm still awake when he finally fell asleep because most of the time, I'd just fall to sleep next to him.

So now, in the midst of all that, when do I exactly find time to do business?!

These are my tips:

1) You fit in your personal business time in your routine. Example, I'd spend about 30 minutes of my lunch break to schedule my business posts.

2) Set your alarm in case you fell asleep putting the kids to bed. I usually set my alarm at 12pm and I'd stay up scheduling for my posts the next day and writing my blog entry. I'd have to admit, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. But I'd feel so bad when I fell asleep that I made extra effort the next day to recover my loss.

3) Plan ahead. Like number (2), by scheduling my posts, it makes my 30 minutes business time during my lunch break more productive. Rather than starting to draft during the 30 minutes for one post, I get to finalise about 2-3 posts based from the ones I've scheduled the night before and I'll buffer them up for them to be posted at a certain time.

4) Specify when to do your business activities and when to spend time with family. Dont mix the two because at the end of the day, your kids will feel like you're not paying attention to them and at the same time, nothing gets done with your business. Fix your time and stick to it.

5) Get your husband's blessing. Business takes time. Sometimes it takes time away from the kids, sometimes it takes time away from your husband. If you're husband gives his blessing, God will help to make everything else about your business to go smoothly too and who knows, maybe it'll make your business expand faster!

6) If you're a Muslim, pray Dhuha. It works wonders. I was skeptical at first too. But when I started doing it, I can see how things change - for the better! It becomes easier for me write my posts and at the same time more customers suddenly reaching out to me wanting to buy Shaklee.

So those are my tips that I think are quite critical if you want to do a side-business regardless of whatever it is. If you have more to share, do leave me a comment! I could try it out and perhaps it'll be in my important list too.

Alrighty then guys, remember this:

If you want to buy Shaklee,
buy from Ili!
(That's me!)
Just call or text me at 010-3663173!

(READ: the above is supposed to be a short rhythmical poem/pantun. Works best if you read out the numbers =D)

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Shaklee distributor Subang Jaya Active 2017

2014 was the year I started taking Shaklee. 

Ive just got back to work after my maternity leave and my milk supply is dropping really fast.

I saw a post by a friend on facebook saying how she managed to maintain her milk supply after giving birth to her baby. 

Thinking that it was my aim to at least breastfeed my son for 2 years, without hesitation, I messaged that friend of mine to ask what does she do to maintain her supply.

Lo and behold, the answer was Shaklee. 

Alhamdulillah, since starting Shaklee my milk supply went back to normal, so much so that my mom complained she didnt have space to keep her frozen meat because my baby's frozen milk bottle is taking up space!

Because it worked so well for me, I thought that I must share this with everyone so that they can benefit too. 

I am a Shaklee distributor in Subang Jaya. 

If you are in Subang Jaya and plans on buying Shaklee, can contact me:

Ili Syazana

If you want to buy directly from me, we can arrange a pick up session perhaps at the Petronas station USJ 20? Location is negotiable, in shaa Allah.

Gotta give credits to my son for getting me into this industry. ❤️

Ways to get pregnant after miscarriage - Rainbow baby

A rainbow baby is baby that is born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss. A rainbow is something that is appreciated and beautiful which usually only comes after a storm, in comparison. That's how the metaphor came about.

The storm experienced by those parents who suffered miscarriages or still birth or anything that resulted in infant loss is not something that is simple or easy to deal with.

Imagine one moment you're holding your beautiful baby and all too soon, you had to say goodbye to them. It is too heartbreaking that sometimes can cause depression and divorces among parents who've suffered this tragedy.

But like most fairy tales, everybody deserves a happy ending. Its only a matter of when.

With God's permission, those who are strong enough will be able to persevere. 

Allow me to suggest to you some of the things that you can do that can help you get pregnant again (so that you can enjoy the company of your own rainbow baby). 

#1: Your body is what you eat.
Being pregnant or getting pregnant requires a lot from your own body. You are creating another human being! So you need to have a well-noursihed diet to help your body to heal and recuperate and also replenished with all the nutrients you need. Avoid food with with high levels of fat and cholesterol (read: instant food).

#2: Rest and let your body heal.
There's no need to rush into another pregnancy after a miscarriage. Give your body time to heal and sort itself out before trying to get pregnant again. Get your hormones back to its appropriate levels before you go into another pregnancy.

#3: If you are obese, reducing weight is one of your best option.

#4: Change your lifestyle. If your lifestyle is already a healthy lifestyle - keep them and maintain them.

#5: Take supplements that is safe and effective.
Supplements from Shaklee that you need in order to get pregnant are Multivitamins known as Vita-Lea, B Complex and Vitamin C. These are the basics vitamins that anyone need in order to have a healthy body. You can add with vitamins that are high antioxidants to ensure fertility of both the husband and the wife such as vitamin A (Carotomax), Vitamin E, GLA, Alfalfa and Vivix. 

Nothing is impossible with Shaklee, in shaa Allah.

A friend of mine told me that one of her customers had endometriosis and also a cyst in her uterus twice. After consistently taking Shaklee supplements for about 4 months, she managed to get pregnant. This is after about 9 years of trying to conceive and undergoing operations and all. Believe me, Shaklee can help. 

Should you wish to get your fertility set from Shaklee, just give me a call.

Ili Syazana

Ways to get additional income for working mothers

Being raised by a stay at home mother, I always find the comfort that whenever school ended, my mom would be waiting at home for me. 

And I want to be able to do the same for my son. I have to admit that I'm afraid to put my trust to the bus drivers or can drivers to pick up my kid to and from school. No offense, Im sure a lot of people out there who are making honest pay by sending kids to school. But the amount of kids being abducted scares me.

But to simply quit my job would be difficult, financial-wise, seeing as with the current state of economy nowadays, both husband and wife need to work to survive with high cost of living. 

But then I was approached to think about another option. Why not become a work at home mother - a mother who stays at home but still making the same amount of money, if not more, than if she were to continue working. 

Sounds enticing, no? But guess what, I've made that as my aim and I've got to achieve that within the next 2.5 years.

So first, what do we have to do to get additional income? 
Number one:
Start with proper planning. Take my case for example. To ensure that I can bring back at least the same amount of money by working at home, I have to reach a certain level or rank within these 2.5 years.
Number two:
Start a part-time business (TODAY). There's a lot of choices as to what business you want to be in. But for today, I want to tell you and also invite you, to be in the same business me, i.e. the Shaklee business.

Why Shaklee business? Only three absolutely simple reasons why:
1. You only need to pay a membership fee of about  RM70 and you can start your business. No large amount of capital required.
2. You dont need to keep stocks. As and when there's order, you go to the Shaklee website online and just order away.
3. Shaklee can deliver almost anywhere! After you've made your purchase, you can request for Shaklee to deliver the products to the desired address. No need to hustle and bustle at the post office to deliver the products.

Imagine sitting at home all day and settle payment and delivery of more than 10 orders. That would be the dream. 

Imagine with all that simplicity, you get to stay at home with your kids and still get your salary in thousands or even more. You might be surprised that those ranked as Master Shaklee is already bringing back home tens or hundreds of thousands per year and some of them achieved all that within 4 years only! 

Especially with the mindset of a Master - proactive, determined, strong perseverance and willing to sacrifice for a while for the sake of our kids, nothing is impossible. 

Just give me a call. We can just talk first, or if you're already pumped up, we can sign you up immediately to become a Shaklee member!

Il Syazana

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Breastfeeding and fasting with Shaklee

No worries, readers. I've been there. Twice.

Experience number 1:

When I was nursing my first child, I was determined not to let anything get in my way from nursing him for at least one year.

So when Ramadhan comes, like most nursing mothers, I was worried if I wont be able to produce enough milk for my son.

But with the advice of my mentor, she suggested for me to take ESP and Performance drink during sahur. So I took that and had a plate of rice every morning during sahur.

ESP is supposed to give me the extra energy I need when fasting and nursing while performance drink is to give me the extra hydration to be able to produce milk despite not drinking or eating throughout the day.

True enough, I managed to fast for the whole month of Ramadhan (except for the days that I cant fast because of my period) and I get to bring back home enough milk for my son.

Alhamdulillah, my son was fully breastfeed up until he turned one and more.

Experience number 2:

My second child is a baby girl. Compared to my son, she drinks milk quite little on a daily basis. Hence, my milk supply is already little to begin with if I were to compare when I was nursing my son.

To fast when nursing my daughter, I was extra worried about maintaining my milk supply.

So I had to do a little bit of experiment before Ramadhan to find out what do I need to do to make sure I can sustain my milk supply while fasting.

The other day, I took Shaklee 3 Gems as they call it; ESP, Mealshakes and Performance drink during sahur. Just that. No a plate of rice this time.

Boy was I nervous that.

But, as it turns out, I was nervous for nothing.

Of course my stomach grumbled a bit here and there like every other normal person who's fasting, but I was not weak.

I worked through the day and I didnt feel super hungry nor thirsty.

As for the milk, it was only 10ml shy from the usual 4 bottles that I usually get to bring home for my baby. But to be fair, that was already amazing for me to get because I forgot to take Alfalfa during Sahur that day - the most important milkbooster of all!

I am now fully convinced that the Shaklee 3 Gems can work as my Sahur meal everyday throughout Ramadhan.

Why dont you try it out for yourself?

Ili Syazana
Shaklee distributor USJ Subang Jaya

Friday, March 10, 2017

Tips for clear skin

I am one of those who almost never had clear skin throughout their lives.

At school, people say teenagers are hormonal. Your skin will clear up after your teen years.

At uni, people say maybe you're stressed (even though I was not) that is causing all these pimples.

When I start working, people just stop giving me reasons and start suggesting me to use this kind of product, that kind of product, dont eat this, eat that.

As much as I appreciate those suggestions, none works. Ive even started going to facial frequently to treat my skin but even that doesnt work.

One day, Ive decided to just live with it. I have resigned to the fact that I'll probly be one of those with troubled skin throughout my life.

But by coming to terms with my problem, only then the solution came upon my knowledge.

I'm taking these minimally to help me with maintaining a healthy skin:

1. B-complex - known as the happy vitamin, B-complex helps to control your anxiety and stress levels. Less stress, less pimples.

2. ESP aka Energising Soy Protein helps to provide all the necessary amino acid proteins  that a body needs. Complete nutrition will make it difficult for bacterias and dirt to clog your pores.

3. Sustained-release Vitamin C - As one of the important anti-oxidants, Vitamin C will ward off free-radicals that could cause many dangerous conditions pimples. It also helps to maintain the moisture in your skin hence helping your skin to look soft and silky, maintain your skin to be more moisturised.

4. Vitamin E - to clear all your pimple scars from way back when.

Alhamdulillah, Ive found my solution. Although my skin is not as clear as others yet, its progressing.

If you too have skin issues, contact me. I understand what you're going through, especially when having to listen to so many comments about your face.  

I can advise you on what Shaklee products would be most suitable for you. Come on, give Shaklee a try and for all you know, you too can have healthy, clean skin!


Update as at 18 March 2017, my sister-in-law, whom I've not met in just two months said my face is glowing!

If this lady can look like that within 11 months with just ESP, Sustained-release vitamin C and vitamin E, I sure do hope I'll be able to achieve it too!

Stay tuned!

Ili Syazana
Shaklee distributor USJ Subang Jaya

Thursday, March 9, 2017

How to relieve sinus

I have a sister who has quite an above average stage of sinus. Whenever she's having her attacks, its like total shutdown. She cant stop sneezing, she'll have headaches and she literally cant do anything much. She has to sleep at least half a day to get back on her feet.

That's a cycle that she has to endure. Different people may have different symptoms. Among others, they are:
1. Headaches
2. Itchiness at your eyes, ears, face and body
3. Hair loss
4. Watery nose
5. Constant sneezing
6. Bad breath
7. Pimples and black spots.

For my sister, her sinus can come without warning. It can happen, anytime and so suddenly that it surprises everyone.

Hence this is where prevention is critical. And not so surprisingly, Shaklee has just the vitamins one would need.

1. Sustained-release Vitamin C

This is a great antioxidant which helps healthy red blood cells to absorb good nutrients and helps white blood cells to block any bacteria and germs which could be the cause of sinus.

2. Alfalfa complex

Alfalfa reduces inflammation due to sinus and allergies. It will also reduce and prevent the itchy, sneezy and coughing that comes with allergies. One word of caution though, Alfalfa is not suitable for those with SLE.

3. B-complex

Simple because B-complex helps the production of antibodies - your body's best bodyguard.

4. Nutriferon

This would be an added benefit because Nutriferon boost your immune system. If your body is stronger to fight of bacterias and germs, in shaa Allah, you will be free of sinus.

If you would like to give Shaklee a try, call me!

Ili Syazana
Shaklee distributor USJ Subang Jaya

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Healing crisis - Shaklee explains

Feeling dizzy or weak after starting your supplements? Starting to feel like you have fever? 

Dont panic, it's all normal. Rest assured that your body is doing what its supposed to do to get rid of the toxins from your body. 

What is healing crisis?

Healing crisis is a condition that one gets when suddenly consuming a lot of nutrients after accumulating toxins in their body. What happens during the healing crisis is actually your body is undergoing a detoxing process.

What are the examples of healing crises?

There are technically a few type of healing crisis depending on the condition of your body. Some of the more common ones are:

1. Fever and flu - normally due to high level of acidity in your body;
2. Acne - due to prolonged stress, unbalanced diet and lack of nutrients; and
3. Nausea and vomitting - due to stressed and tired body with high toxins level in liver

Should you stop taking vitamins then whenever experiencing the healing crises?

Nope, never. You can follow these tips to manage your healing crisis:

1. Keep calm and continue taking the vitamins with a lower dosage;
2. Drink lots of water, minimally 3 litres a day;
3. Be patient and positive; and last but not least
4. If crisis persists, please go see a doctor. 

So fret not dear friends. Know that your choice to take supplements its the right choice and you will be able to enjoy the benefit of having a healthy and energetic body.

For more information do call me!

Ili Syazana
Shaklee Distributor USJ Subang Jaya

Monday, March 6, 2017

Why Shaklee? The Landmark Study

Why you should choose Shaklee: 

Shaklee products are well-researched.

There’s 129 journals published by Shaklee, of which 80% of the journals are peer-reviewed. This means that scientists who has no stake in Shaklee at all reviewed the journals. No other nutrition companies have done the same. Or even if they do, it is mostly on general benefits of supplements rather than journals on their own products. 

Shaklee has published a Landmark Study.       

The Landmark Study (LS) is a study that measures two things: safety and effectiveness of supplements.

The short history on this is that, Roger Barnet, CEO of Shaklee was looking for ways to determine whether or not Shaklee is really effective. 

At the same time, Dr. Gladys Block was looking for sponsors to conduct a study on effectiveness of supplements in general, not product specific. She approached Dr. Jamie McManus, who at the time was the lead scientist at Shaklee to request for sponsors. 

Mr. Barnet and Dr. McManus agree to sponsor the study with a condition that Dr. Block must include a third category of participants in her study: those who consumes Shaklee for at least 20 years. 

Dr. Block agrees and thus came in the study that looks into the health of three different groups of people.

1. Those who do not take any supplements at all;
2. Those who takes various brands of supplements; and
3. Those who has been consuming Shaklee for at least 20 years.

But Dr. Block also has her own conditions that Mr. Barnet and Dr. McManus has to agree to. 

1. She has full control of the research, not Mr. Barnet, not Dr. McManus;
2. She decides how the study will be conducted;
3. Only herself and her team are involved in analysing the participants; and
4. Regardless of the result, it will be published, no matter what. 

Mr. Barnet agrees with the condition knowing that he is risking his own company should the findings came out to be against him. But he was confident and so the study was conducted. 

Just an additional note, to ensuring the result of the study, Dr. Block did not just ask the participants to answer some questionnaires. Their blood was also taken to be analysed. 

Result was surprising.

Those who consume Shaklee shows better health and stronger resistance towards diseases.

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Ili Syazana
Shaklee distributor USJ Subang Jaya

Vivix and high blood pressure

In today's day and age, nothing is without competition. You have to be the best at what you do to climb that ladder to the top. 

And in doing all that sometimes people sacrifice their health. 

High blood pressure is so common that its almost a given condition to suffer if one wants to survive in the corporate world. It is dangerous and lethal even, if not treated. 

But high blood pressure can be overcomeOne main component that can help is Resveratrol. 

Resveratrol helps to combat high blood pressure via:

1. Improving blood vessel's ability to respond to changes in blood pressure;

2. Reduce unfavourable stiffening of blood vessels and heart muscle that results from sustained hypertension; and

3. Acts in brainstem to reverse increase in blood pressure.

And guess which of Shaklee's product has lots of Resveratrol?

Yes, Vivix. 

If you love yourself, or if you care about those who have high blood pressure, get Vivix. 
Its also an all-natural alternative for high blood pressure.

Ili Syazana
Shaklee distributor USJ Subang Jaya