Saturday, March 25, 2017

Breastfeeding and fasting with Shaklee

No worries, readers. I've been there. Twice.

Experience number 1:

When I was nursing my first child, I was determined not to let anything get in my way from nursing him for at least one year.

So when Ramadhan comes, like most nursing mothers, I was worried if I wont be able to produce enough milk for my son.

But with the advice of my mentor, she suggested for me to take ESP and Performance drink during sahur. So I took that and had a plate of rice every morning during sahur.

ESP is supposed to give me the extra energy I need when fasting and nursing while performance drink is to give me the extra hydration to be able to produce milk despite not drinking or eating throughout the day.

True enough, I managed to fast for the whole month of Ramadhan (except for the days that I cant fast because of my period) and I get to bring back home enough milk for my son.

Alhamdulillah, my son was fully breastfeed up until he turned one and more.

Experience number 2:

My second child is a baby girl. Compared to my son, she drinks milk quite little on a daily basis. Hence, my milk supply is already little to begin with if I were to compare when I was nursing my son.

To fast when nursing my daughter, I was extra worried about maintaining my milk supply.

So I had to do a little bit of experiment before Ramadhan to find out what do I need to do to make sure I can sustain my milk supply while fasting.

The other day, I took Shaklee 3 Gems as they call it; ESP, Mealshakes and Performance drink during sahur. Just that. No a plate of rice this time.

Boy was I nervous that.

But, as it turns out, I was nervous for nothing.

Of course my stomach grumbled a bit here and there like every other normal person who's fasting, but I was not weak.

I worked through the day and I didnt feel super hungry nor thirsty.

As for the milk, it was only 10ml shy from the usual 4 bottles that I usually get to bring home for my baby. But to be fair, that was already amazing for me to get because I forgot to take Alfalfa during Sahur that day - the most important milkbooster of all!

I am now fully convinced that the Shaklee 3 Gems can work as my Sahur meal everyday throughout Ramadhan.

Why dont you try it out for yourself?

Ili Syazana
Shaklee distributor USJ Subang Jaya

Friday, March 10, 2017

Tips for clear skin

I am one of those who almost never had clear skin throughout their lives.

At school, people say teenagers are hormonal. Your skin will clear up after your teen years.

At uni, people say maybe you're stressed (even though I was not) that is causing all these pimples.

When I start working, people just stop giving me reasons and start suggesting me to use this kind of product, that kind of product, dont eat this, eat that.

As much as I appreciate those suggestions, none works. Ive even started going to facial frequently to treat my skin but even that doesnt work.

One day, Ive decided to just live with it. I have resigned to the fact that I'll probly be one of those with troubled skin throughout my life.

But by coming to terms with my problem, only then the solution came upon my knowledge.

I'm taking these minimally to help me with maintaining a healthy skin:

1. B-complex - known as the happy vitamin, B-complex helps to control your anxiety and stress levels. Less stress, less pimples.

2. ESP aka Energising Soy Protein helps to provide all the necessary amino acid proteins  that a body needs. Complete nutrition will make it difficult for bacterias and dirt to clog your pores.

3. Sustained-release Vitamin C - As one of the important anti-oxidants, Vitamin C will ward off free-radicals that could cause many dangerous conditions pimples. It also helps to maintain the moisture in your skin hence helping your skin to look soft and silky, maintain your skin to be more moisturised.

4. Vitamin E - to clear all your pimple scars from way back when.

Alhamdulillah, Ive found my solution. Although my skin is not as clear as others yet, its progressing.

If you too have skin issues, contact me. I understand what you're going through, especially when having to listen to so many comments about your face.  

I can advise you on what Shaklee products would be most suitable for you. Come on, give Shaklee a try and for all you know, you too can have healthy, clean skin!


Update as at 18 March 2017, my sister-in-law, whom I've not met in just two months said my face is glowing!

If this lady can look like that within 11 months with just ESP, Sustained-release vitamin C and vitamin E, I sure do hope I'll be able to achieve it too!

Stay tuned!

Ili Syazana
Shaklee distributor USJ Subang Jaya

Thursday, March 9, 2017

How to relieve sinus

I have a sister who has quite an above average stage of sinus. Whenever she's having her attacks, its like total shutdown. She cant stop sneezing, she'll have headaches and she literally cant do anything much. She has to sleep at least half a day to get back on her feet.

That's a cycle that she has to endure. Different people may have different symptoms. Among others, they are:
1. Headaches
2. Itchiness at your eyes, ears, face and body
3. Hair loss
4. Watery nose
5. Constant sneezing
6. Bad breath
7. Pimples and black spots.

For my sister, her sinus can come without warning. It can happen, anytime and so suddenly that it surprises everyone.

Hence this is where prevention is critical. And not so surprisingly, Shaklee has just the vitamins one would need.

1. Sustained-release Vitamin C

This is a great antioxidant which helps healthy red blood cells to absorb good nutrients and helps white blood cells to block any bacteria and germs which could be the cause of sinus.

2. Alfalfa complex

Alfalfa reduces inflammation due to sinus and allergies. It will also reduce and prevent the itchy, sneezy and coughing that comes with allergies. One word of caution though, Alfalfa is not suitable for those with SLE.

3. B-complex

Simple because B-complex helps the production of antibodies - your body's best bodyguard.

4. Nutriferon

This would be an added benefit because Nutriferon boost your immune system. If your body is stronger to fight of bacterias and germs, in shaa Allah, you will be free of sinus.

If you would like to give Shaklee a try, call me!

Ili Syazana
Shaklee distributor USJ Subang Jaya

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Healing crisis - Shaklee explains

Feeling dizzy or weak after starting your supplements? Starting to feel like you have fever? 

Dont panic, it's all normal. Rest assured that your body is doing what its supposed to do to get rid of the toxins from your body. 

What is healing crisis?

Healing crisis is a condition that one gets when suddenly consuming a lot of nutrients after accumulating toxins in their body. What happens during the healing crisis is actually your body is undergoing a detoxing process.

What are the examples of healing crises?

There are technically a few type of healing crisis depending on the condition of your body. Some of the more common ones are:

1. Fever and flu - normally due to high level of acidity in your body;
2. Acne - due to prolonged stress, unbalanced diet and lack of nutrients; and
3. Nausea and vomitting - due to stressed and tired body with high toxins level in liver

Should you stop taking vitamins then whenever experiencing the healing crises?

Nope, never. You can follow these tips to manage your healing crisis:

1. Keep calm and continue taking the vitamins with a lower dosage;
2. Drink lots of water, minimally 3 litres a day;
3. Be patient and positive; and last but not least
4. If crisis persists, please go see a doctor. 

So fret not dear friends. Know that your choice to take supplements its the right choice and you will be able to enjoy the benefit of having a healthy and energetic body.

For more information do call me!

Ili Syazana
Shaklee Distributor USJ Subang Jaya

Monday, March 6, 2017

Why Shaklee? The Landmark Study

Why you should choose Shaklee: 

Shaklee products are well-researched.

There’s 129 journals published by Shaklee, of which 80% of the journals are peer-reviewed. This means that scientists who has no stake in Shaklee at all reviewed the journals. No other nutrition companies have done the same. Or even if they do, it is mostly on general benefits of supplements rather than journals on their own products. 

Shaklee has published a Landmark Study.       

The Landmark Study (LS) is a study that measures two things: safety and effectiveness of supplements.

The short history on this is that, Roger Barnet, CEO of Shaklee was looking for ways to determine whether or not Shaklee is really effective. 

At the same time, Dr. Gladys Block was looking for sponsors to conduct a study on effectiveness of supplements in general, not product specific. She approached Dr. Jamie McManus, who at the time was the lead scientist at Shaklee to request for sponsors. 

Mr. Barnet and Dr. McManus agree to sponsor the study with a condition that Dr. Block must include a third category of participants in her study: those who consumes Shaklee for at least 20 years. 

Dr. Block agrees and thus came in the study that looks into the health of three different groups of people.

1. Those who do not take any supplements at all;
2. Those who takes various brands of supplements; and
3. Those who has been consuming Shaklee for at least 20 years.

But Dr. Block also has her own conditions that Mr. Barnet and Dr. McManus has to agree to. 

1. She has full control of the research, not Mr. Barnet, not Dr. McManus;
2. She decides how the study will be conducted;
3. Only herself and her team are involved in analysing the participants; and
4. Regardless of the result, it will be published, no matter what. 

Mr. Barnet agrees with the condition knowing that he is risking his own company should the findings came out to be against him. But he was confident and so the study was conducted. 

Just an additional note, to ensuring the result of the study, Dr. Block did not just ask the participants to answer some questionnaires. Their blood was also taken to be analysed. 

Result was surprising.

Those who consume Shaklee shows better health and stronger resistance towards diseases.

Say no more, Shaklee should be your choice. Contact me if you want to know more!

Ili Syazana
Shaklee distributor USJ Subang Jaya

Vivix and high blood pressure

In today's day and age, nothing is without competition. You have to be the best at what you do to climb that ladder to the top. 

And in doing all that sometimes people sacrifice their health. 

High blood pressure is so common that its almost a given condition to suffer if one wants to survive in the corporate world. It is dangerous and lethal even, if not treated. 

But high blood pressure can be overcomeOne main component that can help is Resveratrol. 

Resveratrol helps to combat high blood pressure via:

1. Improving blood vessel's ability to respond to changes in blood pressure;

2. Reduce unfavourable stiffening of blood vessels and heart muscle that results from sustained hypertension; and

3. Acts in brainstem to reverse increase in blood pressure.

And guess which of Shaklee's product has lots of Resveratrol?

Yes, Vivix. 

If you love yourself, or if you care about those who have high blood pressure, get Vivix. 
Its also an all-natural alternative for high blood pressure.

Ili Syazana
Shaklee distributor USJ Subang Jaya