Monday, May 8, 2017

How to find time to work on your side-business

Staying in Subang Jaya while working in Kuala Lumpur is definitely a challenge.

I spend approximately 1.5 - 2 hours a day just to travel to and from work.

My routine starts with waking up at 6am and get myself ready. By 6.30pm I have to start waking up my toddler (he takes a loooong time to actually open his eyes) and bring him downstairs by 7am.

In between persuading my son to take his bath, I'd take my breakfast and prepare his snack for when we are in the car.

Usually by 7.30am, we managed to leave the house and reach my son's kindy at 8.30am (One hour worth of jam!). Since he doesnt want to wear his school uniform from home, had to spend a few minutes at his kindy changing him into his uniform.

Park the car, run to my office to clock in at 9am.

By 6.15pm, I'll clock out, pick up my son, my husband and we began our journey back home at about 7pm. Usually we arrive home at 7.45pm, on average. Then we pray Maghrib and have dinner. 

By 9pm I'll take my shower while my son enjoys some cartoon for a bit. By 10am, I'd have to put him to bed. I'm lucky if I'm still awake when he finally fell asleep because most of the time, I'd just fall to sleep next to him.

So now, in the midst of all that, when do I exactly find time to do business?!

These are my tips:

1) You fit in your personal business time in your routine. Example, I'd spend about 30 minutes of my lunch break to schedule my business posts.

2) Set your alarm in case you fell asleep putting the kids to bed. I usually set my alarm at 12pm and I'd stay up scheduling for my posts the next day and writing my blog entry. I'd have to admit, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. But I'd feel so bad when I fell asleep that I made extra effort the next day to recover my loss.

3) Plan ahead. Like number (2), by scheduling my posts, it makes my 30 minutes business time during my lunch break more productive. Rather than starting to draft during the 30 minutes for one post, I get to finalise about 2-3 posts based from the ones I've scheduled the night before and I'll buffer them up for them to be posted at a certain time.

4) Specify when to do your business activities and when to spend time with family. Dont mix the two because at the end of the day, your kids will feel like you're not paying attention to them and at the same time, nothing gets done with your business. Fix your time and stick to it.

5) Get your husband's blessing. Business takes time. Sometimes it takes time away from the kids, sometimes it takes time away from your husband. If you're husband gives his blessing, God will help to make everything else about your business to go smoothly too and who knows, maybe it'll make your business expand faster!

6) If you're a Muslim, pray Dhuha. It works wonders. I was skeptical at first too. But when I started doing it, I can see how things change - for the better! It becomes easier for me write my posts and at the same time more customers suddenly reaching out to me wanting to buy Shaklee.

So those are my tips that I think are quite critical if you want to do a side-business regardless of whatever it is. If you have more to share, do leave me a comment! I could try it out and perhaps it'll be in my important list too.

Alrighty then guys, remember this:

If you want to buy Shaklee,
buy from Ili!
(That's me!)
Just call or text me at 010-3663173!

(READ: the above is supposed to be a short rhythmical poem/pantun. Works best if you read out the numbers =D)

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