Saturday, May 20, 2017

New Shaklee's HQ

Shaklee has just recently moved to a new HQ with the aim to be more visible and friendly for newbies. 

It's at Sunway GEO (you can waze Sunway GEO) and it is located right at the corder of the building which makes everyone who reaches the crossroads near Sunway GEO can see Shaklee immediately. 

Among the new interesting feature of this new office is that you get to have a look at Shaklee's product which all this while you only hear or read on the internet.

If you're not yet a member and wishes to buy directly at Shaklee's HQ, you can register immediately there and then.

Just take whichever vitamins you want, put in your basket and pay at the counter. The same way you've been shopping for other things all these while. Just let them know that you want to become a member too at the counter.

Immediately you'll get your ID and you get to buy the vitamins you've chosen at member price.

Just one tiny thing that the counter staff need when you want to register is your upline/sponsor ID.

Can tell them you want to register under upline/sponsor ID 1143761, Ili Syazana Ahmad Hizzad. That's me!

Let's go visit Shaklee's new HQ today!

Ili Syazana

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