Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Ways to get pregnant after miscarriage - Rainbow baby

A rainbow baby is baby that is born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss. A rainbow is something that is appreciated and beautiful which usually only comes after a storm, in comparison. That's how the metaphor came about.

The storm experienced by those parents who suffered miscarriages or still birth or anything that resulted in infant loss is not something that is simple or easy to deal with.

Imagine one moment you're holding your beautiful baby and all too soon, you had to say goodbye to them. It is too heartbreaking that sometimes can cause depression and divorces among parents who've suffered this tragedy.

But like most fairy tales, everybody deserves a happy ending. Its only a matter of when.

With God's permission, those who are strong enough will be able to persevere. 

Allow me to suggest to you some of the things that you can do that can help you get pregnant again (so that you can enjoy the company of your own rainbow baby). 

#1: Your body is what you eat.
Being pregnant or getting pregnant requires a lot from your own body. You are creating another human being! So you need to have a well-noursihed diet to help your body to heal and recuperate and also replenished with all the nutrients you need. Avoid food with with high levels of fat and cholesterol (read: instant food).

#2: Rest and let your body heal.
There's no need to rush into another pregnancy after a miscarriage. Give your body time to heal and sort itself out before trying to get pregnant again. Get your hormones back to its appropriate levels before you go into another pregnancy.

#3: If you are obese, reducing weight is one of your best option.

#4: Change your lifestyle. If your lifestyle is already a healthy lifestyle - keep them and maintain them.

#5: Take supplements that is safe and effective.
Supplements from Shaklee that you need in order to get pregnant are Multivitamins known as Vita-Lea, B Complex and Vitamin C. These are the basics vitamins that anyone need in order to have a healthy body. You can add with vitamins that are high antioxidants to ensure fertility of both the husband and the wife such as vitamin A (Carotomax), Vitamin E, GLA, Alfalfa and Vivix. 

Nothing is impossible with Shaklee, in shaa Allah.

A friend of mine told me that one of her customers had endometriosis and also a cyst in her uterus twice. After consistently taking Shaklee supplements for about 4 months, she managed to get pregnant. This is after about 9 years of trying to conceive and undergoing operations and all. Believe me, Shaklee can help. 

Should you wish to get your fertility set from Shaklee, just give me a call.

Ili Syazana

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