Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Ways to get additional income for working mothers

Being raised by a stay at home mother, I always find the comfort that whenever school ended, my mom would be waiting at home for me. 

And I want to be able to do the same for my son. I have to admit that I'm afraid to put my trust to the bus drivers or can drivers to pick up my kid to and from school. No offense, Im sure a lot of people out there who are making honest pay by sending kids to school. But the amount of kids being abducted scares me.

But to simply quit my job would be difficult, financial-wise, seeing as with the current state of economy nowadays, both husband and wife need to work to survive with high cost of living. 

But then I was approached to think about another option. Why not become a work at home mother - a mother who stays at home but still making the same amount of money, if not more, than if she were to continue working. 

Sounds enticing, no? But guess what, I've made that as my aim and I've got to achieve that within the next 2.5 years.

So first, what do we have to do to get additional income? 
Number one:
Start with proper planning. Take my case for example. To ensure that I can bring back at least the same amount of money by working at home, I have to reach a certain level or rank within these 2.5 years.
Number two:
Start a part-time business (TODAY). There's a lot of choices as to what business you want to be in. But for today, I want to tell you and also invite you, to be in the same business me, i.e. the Shaklee business.

Why Shaklee business? Only three absolutely simple reasons why:
1. You only need to pay a membership fee of about  RM70 and you can start your business. No large amount of capital required.
2. You dont need to keep stocks. As and when there's order, you go to the Shaklee website online and just order away.
3. Shaklee can deliver almost anywhere! After you've made your purchase, you can request for Shaklee to deliver the products to the desired address. No need to hustle and bustle at the post office to deliver the products.

Imagine sitting at home all day and settle payment and delivery of more than 10 orders. That would be the dream. 

Imagine with all that simplicity, you get to stay at home with your kids and still get your salary in thousands or even more. You might be surprised that those ranked as Master Shaklee is already bringing back home tens or hundreds of thousands per year and some of them achieved all that within 4 years only! 

Especially with the mindset of a Master - proactive, determined, strong perseverance and willing to sacrifice for a while for the sake of our kids, nothing is impossible. 

Just give me a call. We can just talk first, or if you're already pumped up, we can sign you up immediately to become a Shaklee member!

Il Syazana

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