Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Vitamins to get back your period cycle

There are many reasons why your period may come at irregular times. Most cases its because of obesity, hormonal imbalance and stress.

And most of the time, the reason why you have all the above is because of your lifestyle. Maybe you lack exercise or maybe you've been living off of an unhealthy diet which causes parasites to 'hang around' in your body.

These parasites that stays in your body will take the nutrients from the food that you eat and this will cause other health and hormonal issues, which will then lead to irregular period. 

If you want your period to become regular again, these parasites need to be gone. 

How do you get rid of these parasites?

One way to do it (without taking hormonal pills) is by detoxing your body i.e. by changing your lifestyle and diet. 
a, You've got to be active. Possibly by going for a jog at least 30 minutes a day.
b, Avoid 4 food that invites parasites. These 4 are white sugar, white bread, any food that is based on white flour and caffeinated drinks such as tea and white coffee.
c, Get rid of the parasites by taking natural detoxing products - Shaklee's detoxing supplement, consistently.

For your information, any form of detoxing is the most natural way to eliminate parasites from your body. 

Shaklee's detox set
Shaklee's detox set comprises of 5 important detoxing vitamins.

If you keep being active, pay attention to your diet and consistently take the vitamins from Shaklee's detoxing set, in shaa Allah, you'll see the different in the upcoming month. 

It is definitely worth it.

1. Vivix helps to detox our cells. It helps by giving energy to our cells so that they are able to detox more effectively.

2. Peppermint Ginger helps us to let out unnecessary gas in our body thus accelerating the repairing process of our period cycle.

3. DTX complex detoxes our liver. Our liver needs to maintain strong and needs to be cleaned because it is the place where the body usually dispose of the toxins and parasites.

4. Herblax detoxes our intestines. Intestines is usually where the parasites would 'hang out' because this is where the nutrients from our food is absorbed. Hence the more parasites your have in your intestines, the less likely you'll get the nutrients from the food you eat. These parasites need to go.

5. Alfalfa Complex. Whats good about Alfalfa is that it will detox every other part of your body. If you have parasites hanging around somewhere that is not the usual place, Alfalfa will help you to detox them. 

How to get Shaklee's detox set to have your regular period cycle back? You can contact me directly at:
Ili Syazana
Shaklee Independent distributor

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